Mitch Richmond Live Q&A Recap 4/16/14

Check out Kings Legend Mitch Richmond's live Q&A that took place Wednesday exclusively on the Kings App.

Mitch Richmond:

Hey Kings fans, it's Mitch Richmond! I'll be hanging out in the Shaq Zone answering questions! Feel free to ask me some and I'll answer as many as I can.

Q: LetsGoSac !:

How do you feel about the new arena?

A: Mitch Richmond:

I think the new arena is going to be outstanding, for the city of Sacramento it's going to be such a blessing. It’s going to be a central place where everyone can go and have a great time!

Q: Luisvergara1:

Do you keep in contact with the L'Train? If so what is he up to?

A: Mitch Richmond:

I actually keep in contact with a lot of my teammates. It's always good to see Corliss here. I see L-Train in the summer time. He has a construction business. I see him a lot.

Q: jtram79:

How was it playing against Mayor KJ?

A: Mitch Richmond:

He was a really good guard. He can take it to the rim and dunk on you. He was a great guy in the pick and roll. He was a dangerous guy, as quick as they come.

Q: Michael Chambers:

MJ vs you tonight... Who wins?

A: Mitch Richmond:

Woah, I tell you what it would probably be the longest 1-on-1 game in the world cause I'm fouling every play. No prediction on a winner, it depends on who gets hurt first!

Q: Thepilot B.A.:

Did you listen to any music to pump you up before game time & if so, who'd you listen to?

A: Mitch Richmond:

I listened to a little bit of everything. I would listen to Dr. Dre, Tupac, Biggie, those types of guys.

Q: Ian Brown:

What do you think it will take for the kings to be a consistent playoff contender?

A: Mitch Richmond:

You have to take baby steps and the right steps so you can have consistency. As you know the Western Conference is so difficult to get into the playoffs. You have to be fortunate and have a little bit of luck.

Q: David Sax:

Who was your favorite player to compete against?

A: Mitch Richmond:

There were so many, MJ was definitely one, Clyde Drexler, Reggie Miller, they bring out the best in you and you know they're going to compete and go hard.

Q: Trey Jones:

What was it like playing against Gary Payton?

A: Mitch Richmond:

Gary was definitely a true competitor, you know every night he's going to trash talk you, you had to be prepared. He was a treat to play against!

Q: Kelsey Cole:

What was your favorite game you played or moment of your career?

A: Mitch Richmond:

I had some great games, my great moment individually and as a team in Sacramento was when we made the playoffs in 1996.

Mitch Richmond:

Thank you Kings fans for chatting with me in the Shaq Zone and thank you for the journey I had during my Kings years. Now we can all call ourselves Hall of Famers!

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