Meet the 916 Crew Choreographers: Sarah Schneeweis

The 916 Crew will have 4 choreographers this upcoming season. Get to know some of the brains behind the beats from Hype Dance Studio.
by Tracee Jay
Social Media Producer

How excited are you about working with the Kings to develop this new dance team?

I'm so honored to be working with the Kings and to have this whole new opportunity to create a new dance team.

We want to impress the Sacramento Kings fans and to come out with a bang. This is a true honor that I get to be a part of this, directing and choreographing. It's going to be a lot of fun!

How cool is it that this team is gender inclusive?

So cool that it is gender inclusive! Bringing men and women to the court to entertain the crowds. I think it's just going to be that much more explosive. It also allows us to play with some stuff in choreography where we really get to play up all of the gender differences and have a good time.

What kind of dance traits are you looking for in a potential member?

The first trait that I'm looking for is a dancer that comes 1000% full-out, no holding back. I want to see if you can dance big enough to dance on the court, be seen and entertain everybody. I also want to see a hip-hop background. I want to see that people have rhythm, musicality and an understanding of how to project to an audience that big.

What would you say is your choreography style?

As a choreographer, I do a lot of everything, but really my main love is hip-hop. That's where I lie, that's where my roots are. There's so many different styles within hip-hop, but hip-hop is where I'm at.

Who/What inspired you?

Growing up I was inspired by so many different people, but I actually didn't even get to take my first hip-hop class until I was 15 years old.

Because it's a newer genre in our dance world, it's ever changing and there's new things happening with it. That's my favorite part about it! In hip-hop you can just be free, and truly create something new from your heart and your soul.

What recent dance craze is your favorite?

You can't go wrong with World of Dance. I just love it. These kids that are coming out, and these teams. They're all so great.

What are the best shoes to rock while your dancing?

The best shoes to rock while dancing is the new De’Aaron Fox Air Max 1’s. I wish I had a pair!

What makes Hype Dance Studio unique?

My studio is unique because we really believe in the well-rounded dancer. We don't just offer one style. We also have an awesome training program where we require them to take all styles. One of the coolest things about that is, I travel with those kids to different conventions where they get exposure to tons of choreographers.

What do you keep in your dance bag?

I've always got dry shampoo, a towel because I get all sweaty and some lip gloss!

What makes the dance community here in Sacramento special?

The dance community in Sacramento is so special because, we [dancers] all see each other at all the different competitions and conventions and events. Everybody's super supportive, really friendly, and I think that Sacramento has so many outstanding dancers in this community and we're ready to see them!

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