Matina Kolokotronis Receives PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation 2019 Paradigm Award

By Haley Rose

On Saturday, June 15, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit organization that recognizes and honors exceptional undergraduate students of Hellenic descent, presented Sacramento Kings Chief Operating Officer Matina Kolokotronis with the 2019 Paradigm Award at their annual Awards Ceremony and Gala in Chicago. The Paradigm Award—which takes its name from the Greek word paradeigma, meaning “example”—is presented annually to a distinguished Greek-American whose career and accomplishments are a testimony to the Foundation’s mission of promoting education and leadership. The Foundation honored Matina for her trailblazing career in the NBA and leadership in both the Greek-American and Sacramento communities.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized with the Paradigm Award by the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation,” said Sacramento Kings Chief Operating Officer Matina Kolokotronis. “I’m guided by my love for family, my belief in education, and my knowledge that the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

This year’s Awards Ceremony and Gala was attended by more than 800 people from across the United States, including many of Matina’s friends and family members from Sacramento and her hometown of Chicago. A number of prominent individuals recorded congratulatory messages for Matina in recognition of this honor.

During the ceremony, the Foundation distributed more than $250,000 in financial support to 40 deserving students. As this year’s Paradigm Award recipient, Matina was recognized for upholding the values and ideals of her Hellenic heritage and for serving as an example for the Foundation’s scholarship recipients.

Entering her 23rd season with the Kings, Matina has paved the way for women in sports as the only female in the NBA to hold the titles of both COO and President of Business Operations. Prior to holding an executive role, Matina served as a legal consultant for the Kings business and basketball operations teams, negotiating player and staff contracts. Under her current leadership as COO, Matina has helped transform Downtown Sacramento and spark significant economic growth in the region with the development of Golden 1 Center and Downtown Commons.

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