Loyalty to Royalty: Sacramento Fans Ranked in Recent Study

How did the fanbase in Sacramento stack up with the rest of the League?
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

Loyalty has always been an unquestioned characteristic of Kings fans since their arrival in Sacramento and the numbers continue to show it.

A recent study conducted by Michael Lewis, the faculty directory of Emory University’s marketing analytics center, took an in-depth look at how teams across the Association rank in terms of how engaged their fanbase is.

Lewis considered three variables in his report: fan equity to see “how teams perform in terms of home revenues”, road equity which was “based on how teams draw on the road”, and social equity which was “based on team’s reach via Twitter”.

When adding this trio of factors together, an overall ranking list was built. The Kings clocked in at the 12th spot out of 30 NBA teams.

Sacramento’s highest mark came in the home equity category which was seventh highest in the League.

Despite the positive position of where the Kings landed, much of, if not all, of Sactown’s faithful fanbase would argue that their hometown team should be ranked even higher.


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