Latino Heritage Month Spotlight: Carlos Jimenez

In honor of Latino Heritage Month, the Kings organization is highlighting members of the team who have made an impact in their field while also representing their Latino/Latina/Latinx heritage.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

In the first chapter of our Latino Heritage Month Spotlight series, we sat down with Carlos Jimenez, a longtime video editor with the Kings as he discussed his journey and what inspires him to be a creative.

How would you describe your role with the Sacramento Kings?
"There’s never a day that feels too much of the same. We could be out on a shoot that could be one hour or five hours. We could be at our desk editing which could take a short time or a long time. We do a lot of pre-production which is very important to be prepared, especially in this position. That way if you encounter an issue, you don’t panic and you know all of your options for how to solve it."

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
"What I enjoy most about what I do is working an environment with a lot of other creative people that you could feed off of. I think we all inspire each other, motivate each other and I think that’s easily my favorite thing - being able to work on something together and see it come to fruition."

In what your ways do you celebrate your Latino heritage?
"I take a lot of pride in my heritage. When I went to Mexico earlier this year, I felt so reconnected with my culture.

The way that I feel like I’m most involved with my heritage is paying attention to stuff that happens in our Latin communities and our struggles. For me, it’s paying attention to that and how I can be active to help other people.

How would you characterize your journey to where you are today?
"My mom came across the border when she was pregnant with me, specifically because she wanted me to be born in the United States to have the opportunities. It’s not just me and the things that I did - going to to school, taking internships - it was the stuff that my mom had to go through just to get me here."

Who have been your biggest role models?
"Both of my parents. I got my love of art through [my dad]. Because he taught me about art when I was so young, that’s when I decided that this is what I wanted to do. My mom was always super supportive and helped me get through college.

"I also take influences from music, painting, even astrology. I don’t try to bog myself down with ‘it has to be this’. I take influence from everything."

What advice would you offer fellow Latinos/Latinas/Latinx who are striving to succeed in the sports and entertainment industry?

"Follow your heart. Be good to people. Challenge yourself.

"I think telling young people to challenge themselves as young as possible, that’s how they’re going to stand out. You don’t need someone to tell you ‘you should be this’. You should tell yourself ‘this is what I want to do’."

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