Kings Unveil Bold New Court

Sacramento Proud

“It’s a deep-seated sentiment, and one that defines the relationship between our city and our team.” – Sacramento Kings Chief Marketing Officer Ben Gumpert.


The powerful declaration now spans 32-feet on the team’s freshly-minted court, shining amongst a host of new features set to welcome Kings fans for the 2014-15 season.

Rich in tradition and history, a deep purple surrounds the 15 silver letters embossed on the team’s near sideline.

For three decades, Sacramento has been home to the NBA’s loudest supporters.

Now, as the team embarks on its second season under the leadership of Owner Vivek Ranadivé, the Kings will compete on a surface representative of its connection with its relentlessly-devoted fanbase.

“Sacramento Proud is about knowing that we never forget where we’re from and who we represent,” said Gumpert.

Forever Purple

For two decades, purple has united the Kings and their fans. Now, the team’s primary color fully encases the team’s updated playing surface.

“We opted for a new, darker purple for the court,” said Kings Creative Director Ryan Brijs. “It’s a richer, stronger shade and it closely matches our 2014-15 uniforms."

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Seamlessly transitioning from sideline to baseline, Sacramento’s name now stretches 38 feet in a new typeface across the refinished hardwood.

Crowning Achievement

Making its debut on the court, a pair of purple crowns, the new secondary Kings logo, graces the court adjacent to each hoop inside the three-point line.

The Heritage

The Kings time-tested primary logo returns to its center-court position in a much more prominent role than before.

“It's quite large, approximately 20-feet by 23-feet,” explained Brijs. “We’re not the only team in the League going with a big center-court logo this season, but ours is certainly one of the biggest.”

Happy Anniversary

Commemorating the team’s 30th season, a retro-inspired milestone emblem will appear near the timeline during select contests.

“It’s a simplified version of the design our season ticket members selected,” said Brijs. “The team will also wear this mark as a patch on their home jerseys this year.”

For The Win

From its distinct sentiment to its team-uniting foundation, the stage has been set for a PROUD season of SACRAMENTO basketball.