Kings Rookies Share Special Bond

Learn about the uncommon unity shared by Sacramento’s 2017 draftees.
by Kyle Ramos
Writer, Digital

Through the years, the young careers of De’Aaron Fox, Justin Jackson, Harry Giles, and Frank Mason III have all been intertwined dating back to middle school.

Whether college opponents at rival schools or AAU teammates like Jackson and Fox, a rare connection between these fresh faces puts them in a unique situation as their professional careers are slated to begin in the same place.

Recently, the four rookies got together for a group interview with KCRA to discuss the transition from their top-tier college programs to joining forces in the Association.

“They’re all great guys,” said Giles about his fellow rookie comrades. “That’s one thing I always cherish about people - just seeing the kind of people they are. They all come from great families, great backgrounds.”

“I watched all these guys play throughout the year [in college]. They were all really good and now we’re all on the same team. I think it’s really special,” added Mason III.

Though the draft was just a few months ago, there was a feeling of comfort amongst the first-year players almost instantaneously.

“We’ve all gotten along really well right away,” said Jackson.

Their bond will be especially important as the rigor of an NBA season is on the horizon, but this group feels fortunate to have each other during the adjustment process.

“We’re all going through the same struggles,” said Giles.

“You’re not the only rookie getting the rookie treatment,” Fox chimed in. “I feel like all four of us, we’re going to be getting better together.”

Both parts of KCRA’s interview, can be viewed here and here.

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