Kings Q&A: Mike Bibby

Hear from the Kings legend regarding his favorite memories at Sleep Train Arena.
by Shahbaz Khan
Managing Editor, Digital

In honor of the team's final games at Sleep Train Arena, is catching up with team legends who will be in attendance at the last game to get their thoughts and favorite memories from playing in Sacramento.

In seven seasons as a member of the Sacramento Kings, Mike Bibby averaged nearly 17 points and over five assists per game. Bibby had plenty of memorable moments in Sacramento, but none was bigger than his game-winner in Game 5 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

On his favorite memories in Sacramento:

Bibby: “My favorite memory was getting traded here. I remember I talked to the owner in Vancouver and he gave me five places I wanted to go, then asked which was the top place I wanted to go and I told him Sacramento. Didn’t hear anything else until after I got traded here, and that’s my favorite memory – coming here.”

On what was most special to him about Sleep Train Arena:

Bibby: “Just how the fans were. You know, I’ll never forget the team we had here and the fans we had here. It was the best of both worlds as far as having the best fans in the NBA and the best teammates in the NBA. When I was traded to Atlanta, I brought what I learned here to the younger guys in Atlanta and made that fun. I made it like a little Sacramento.”

On a time where the fans made an impact on the game:

Bibby: “The playoffs. It was always packed and everyone had cowbells. You could see the looks on Phil Jackson’s face and everyone’s face when they couldn’t hear. It was such an amazing feeling.”

On excitement for being present at the final regular season home game:

Bibby: “Just to be a part of the last game going on here I think will be fun. It’ll be fun to send it off in the right way. We’ll hopefully get a win and then send it off.”

On his thoughts on Golden 1 Center:

Bibby: “It looks nice, I saw it the last time I was here! Of course, I’m going to be sad to see this arena go but times move on. I think they’ve had this arena since the team came here so it’ll be different.”

On what he’s been doing since retirement:

Bibby: “I’ve been coaching the high school, where we just won a state championship about two weeks ago. It’s the second championship we’ve won since I’ve been coaching there. That’s all I’ve been doing really, just watching my girls grow up and coaching basketball.”

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