Kings Q&A: Doug Christie

Hear from the Kings legend regarding his favorite memories at Sleep Train Arena.
by Shahbaz Khan
Managing Editor, Digital

In honor of the team's final games at Sleep Train Arena, is catching up with team legends who will be in attendance at the last game to get their thoughts and favorite memories from playing in Sacramento.

In five seasons as a member of the Sacramento Kings, Doug Christie averaged 10 points, four assists, four rebounds and two steals per game. It was his defensive presence that stood out most though, as Christie netted four All-NBA Defensive Team selections and aided Sactown to four consecutive playoff appearances in his time donning No. 13 for the squad.

We had a chance to speak with the 15-year NBA veteran for an inside look at his most memorable moments at Sleep Train Arena and his expectations for the future of Sacramento.

On his favorite memories at Sleep Train Arena:

Christie: “My favorite memory is one that’s a bit crushing, but it’s Game 7 against the Lakers. It was just absolutely a blast – the fans were here early and when you pulled in you’d see them. Maybe not even just that one, but just that whole series for this arena was so awesome.”

On what was most special to him about Sleep Train Arena:

Christie: “You know, there was a couple things that were special. The people who work here firstly. You come in every day and get to see them and say hello and they were always looking out for you with whatever you needed. Then, there were the fans, who in my opinion, make every arena special but they made this one a place where…well, let me tell you as an opponent I came here many times and I always enjoyed playing in Sacramento because you always knew there’d be tons of fans in the stands. In some arenas, that wasn’t the case, but this one? Every single time. When it comes to this arena, it’s the people that I’ll miss the most.”

On a time where the fans made an impact on the game:

Christie: “There was an instance when we were playing the Lakers during that [2002 Western Conference Finals] series – I can’t remember which game it was. I think Bobby was shooting free throws and I’m standing to the right of the free throw line beyond the three-point line, kind of by where the ref stands. The cowbells were just nuts – we were going on a run and they were going crazy and the roof was just shaking, and I look at the ref saying ‘isn’t this the coolest thing ever?’ I mean, this is a ref and he’s just doing his job but even he was looking at me and going ‘wow.’ It was just that every single night you went out there and if you didn’t have something, they’d give you that boost.”

On excitement for being present at the final regular season home game:

Christie: “What excites me the most is that I’m able to be here because this building and these people have a special place in my heart. To close it out and to open up a new chapter...I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It would honestly be terrible if I had to watch from TV somewhere. The fact that I get to be here is really special.”

On his thoughts on Golden 1 Center:

Christie: “I’m excited for the Golden 1 Center for a couple different reasons. It’s time for the first class and world class fans to have a world class place. But at the same time, downtown Sacramento is getting a boost that’s sorely needed and this city is going to flourish now because of Golden 1 Center and everything that’s going to be surrounding it.”

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