Kings COO Matina Kolokotronis Shares Her Story with SI

With 21 years of experience with the Kings, Kolokotronis explains the hardships and perseverance needed to be a woman in sports.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

“Whatever your dream is, if you’re fearless, set goals, and take risks, you can achieve it.”

The words of Nancy Miller were instilled in Kings Chief Operating Officer Matina Kolokotronis immediately after law school. In a piece specially written for Sports Illustrated, Kolokotronis explains the challenges a woman faces “not only strengthen our own ability to lead—they inspire those around us.”

A call in 1996 from former Kings GM Geoff Petrie started Kolokotronis’ career with the organization, a call that would change her life and helped pave the way for women to break down barriers in sports.

“It is time to draw attention to the challenges we face daily, incite the changes that we want to see, celebrate each other’s success, and, in doing so, blaze a path for the next generation.”

While changes have been made, Kolokotronis urges that we can’t stop here.

“We cannot be complacent with progress and must continue advocating for women and mothers in the workforce…We need to show young women that you don’t have to sacrifice a family for professional success.”

Thanks to the NBA, Kings Owner and Chairman Vivek Ranadivé and her mentors, Kolokotronis has continued to break through in ways others couldn’t fathom years ago.

“As we forge ahead, mentoring women, creating new policies, and dedicating ourselves to an inclusive and fair workplace, I believe our best days are ahead of us.”

To read Kolokotronis’ full piece for SI, click here.

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