Kings Commercial Classics 4’s Alex Kramers looks back on memorable national and local commercials featuring Kings players.
by Alex Kramers

Mitch Richmond

“Rock” and his picture-perfect jumpshot were profiled in a pair of 1990s commercials, including a spotfrom the NBA’s classic “I Love This Game” series, and a Foot Locker ad in which Richmond surprises a fan by draining triples on an in-store court while wearing a pair of his signature, black-and-red Nike AirBakin’ shoes.

Rudy Gay

Gay’s determination is legendary, as the Kings forward – carrying an over-the-shoulder mailbag while going door-to-door with tickets for his fans – runs up 38 flights of stairs when he discovers a building’s elevator is out of service.

Also of note is No. 8’s 2011 All-Star Game voting promo – a spoof of Dos Equis’ "Most Interesting Man in the World" – in which Gay wins a staring contest with a three-year old and transforms into a Venezuelan player (portrayed by former Kings guard Greivis Vásquez).

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