Kings Celebrate Lunar New Year at Golden 1 Center

Sacramento Kings honor Lunar New Year with art displayed at Golden 1 Center, social activations and more.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

In honor of Lunar New Year, the Sacramento Kings have scheduled multiple activations in recognition of the Chinese New Year Spring Festival.

In addition to in-game activations and social media, the Kings are proud to feature artwork from local Sacramento Asian-American artists at Golden 1 Center.

The artwork can be seen on the plaza screens outside of the arena on Feb. 12, when the Kings celebrate the Year of the Ox during their game against the Orlando Magic.

We asked each of these artists what Lunar New Year means to them and how they celebrate the annual holiday:

Melissa Wong

As a kid, Lunar New Years were exciting week-long adventures of visiting distant relatives and receiving red envelopes. Nowadays, I see them as a comforting time of the year where I get to connect with my family and roots. There's nothing quite as warming as being with my family and enjoying my mother's homecooked Lunar New Year feast, often consisting of traditional Chinese foods that symbolize luck, health, and good fortune. I'm a little too old for all of the aunties and uncles to give me red envelopes anymore, but the excitement and gratitude I have for the New Year is just the same.

Esther Hall

As a kid, my family frequented Chinatown in San Francisco and attended Lunar New Year celebrations every year, so this time of year has always represented togetherness, family, and eating lots of good food!

Caiti Chan

My background is Chinese, and my dad was born and raised in Singapore. His side of the family is quite large, and each Lunar New Year would extend some traditions over to us in the states. My dad would gift me and my sister a Hong Bao (red envelopes of money which symbolize prosperity) from him and my Singapore family. My dad has since passed, and I have reunited with a lot of that side of the family and his friends since. We make sure to keep in touch and exchange our well wishes for the new year. I think of my dad always, but very fondly at this time! I am sure he would be so happy to see my work represented this Lunar New Year so thank you again for the opportunity.

Franceska Gamez

Lunar New Year is such a special holiday celebrated by various Asian communities. In my family, it's another opportunity to gather and reflect, but we also celebrate with our favorite love language, which is food. I come from a Filipino household, and part of my family is also Vietnamese. Throughout the years we’ve celebrated with feasts, games, lucky red envelopes, altars to our ancestors, and just being in each other's presence. Although this holiday will look different for everyone, I hope we can all still feel all of the joy and good intentions for the future.

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