Kevin Martin Talks Kings Past and Future

Many Kings fans fondly remember Kevin Martin as one of Sacramento’s most dynamic scorers.

K-Mart, who retired from the NBA in 2016 after 12 seasons, recently sat down with NBA China for an interview where he touched on his past with the Kings and also the team’s bright future.

When asked about his favorite season in the Association, Martin had a somewhat surprising response.

“It wasn’t in my prime,” Martin told NBA China. “I think it was the years to get to my prime because I knew how hard it was to get on the court in my first year.”

While discussing the challenges that faced him as a rookie, Martin referred to former Sacramento head coach Rick Adelman as “probably [his] favorite coach.” The former Kings guard also expressed gratitude for Adelman’s approach during his debut season and how the team veterans helped set him up for success.

“I think it was those moments going through his system, learning [Coach Adelman’s] system and having guys like Brad Miller, Bobby Jackson, Mike Bibby, Bonzi Wells...helping me get to my prime - made that [season] special for me,” said Martin.

In regards to the franchise’s current status, No. 23 shared his thoughts on where the team is headed.

“I think they’re moving in the right direction,” Martin said. “They felt like it was the right time to go really young and let them blossom.”

Martin also offered up some advice for the Young Kings for the season.

“Listen to Vince Carter and Zach Randolph, because they have years of experience and years of success being great guys on and off the court,” said Martin. “Those guys need to follow their lead, work hard every day and they’ll be alright.”

The full interview can be viewed below.