Justin Jackson Seeks to Help Hometown of Houston

The rookie forward is doing all he can to aid his native city in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
by Kyle Ramos
Writer, Digital

Though Justin Jackson is just getting settled into his new city, his hometown has been dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

The storm has caused catastrophic damage and unprecedented levels of flooding to an area where Jackson and much of his friends and family originate.

On Tuesday, No. 25 joined the efforts to help those affected by the storm and appeared on Good Day Sacramento along with other members of the Kings organization to offer his thoughts and support.

“I couldn’t really believe it. I saw a picture of the freeway and I drove that freeway many times and to see it underwater like that - I can’t visualize that in my mind,” said the rookie forward. “Thankfully it seems like people are really pulling together and trying to do some things to try to help everybody out back there.”

“For me, whatever I need to give or whatever I need to do to try and help people back there, that’s what I’m going to try to do.”

To view the full video of Jackson’s interview on Good Day, click here.

For more information on ways you can assist, visit Kings.com/Harvey.

To donate, click here.

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