Jelly Talk: HG Stops by Kings Central

Harry Giles III sits down with Kayte Christensen-Hunter over some well-deserved pedicures.
by Allison Ward
Digital Intern

From the court to the nail salon, Harry Giles III has been a ‘Jelly’ fan from the jump.

Giles's particular guilty pleasure is the 'lava-like' massage on his feet.

In a wide-ranging interview with NBC Sports California’s Kayte Christensen-Hunter, HG said he was in elementary school when he started going to get pedicures with his mom.

With toenails to match the sheen of the hardwood, Gizzle worked his way to the Kings rotation during the 2018-19 season, participating in 58 games.

“Last year was tough,” Giles admitted. “It was hard for me to sit out and be okay with it sometimes. I came from college where I didn’t play as much, and then I got a late start to the season because of injury. But as hard as it was to take that time off, I am so happy that I did.”

When Kayte asked what he felt like he gained during that experience, HG replied, “I learned so much about patience [...] but when I started gaining weight and getting stronger, I was improving in ways that I never had reached before.”

“The recovery was amazing and worth it, I wish I would have embraced it more in the beginning,” Giles reflected. “I feel like I have so much more to show in so many different ways, and I’m so excited by the way fans are holding onto me and having a great time. It’s only the beginning."

Speaking of fans, Kayte directed the conversation towards the unwavering love Sacramento has shown No. 20 during his rookie season. 

“I love the energy and I love the game,” said Duke product. "I grew up playing in gyms in N.C. with a lot of energy, at Duke – where the fanbase is known for its energy. That’s what I was accustom to, and now I’m in Sacramento and we have the wildest, craziest most insane fans. This fanbase is meant for me.”

As their relaxing day was winding down, Giles was asked about the future of the young Kings.

“We can be one of the best teams because we have the core - just seeing how far we came this year gives us all the motivation in the world.”

Next time fans see H20 bring the jelly on the court, they'll know it started with the jelly off the court.

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