J-Ross and Jerry Weigh In on Kings Schedule

Broadcasters Jason Ross and Jerry Reynolds shared their thoughts on the upcoming season and what the schedule means for the Kings.
by Kyle Ramos
Writer, Digital caught up with Jason Ross and Jerry Reynolds following the team's schedule release on Wednesday to get their take on Sacramento's final slate of games at Sleep Train Arena.

Find out why a quick start is important for the revamped squad and what Jason and Jerry are most looking forward to during the 2015-16 season.

On nine of Kings first 11 games at home:
Jason Ross: "That's the key, because, if you're a team that hasn't made the playoffs, trying to make up ground on the road is possible, but really difficult. Traditionally when the Kings have been good, they've been good to dominant at home and it's a great fan base that loves them. So if they get off to a good start, I think it builds confidence."

Jerry Reynolds: "It's extremely important, I think, when you've got that many home games early, you need to win those games. So it's very important for the Kings to start off good and come out of that stretch with a winning record."

On newly acquired players matching up against former teams:
Jason Ross: "Those games just mean more. They mean more to the players and there's an extra buzz. Just besides the marquee teams when they come in, when there's a guy or guys who have something that makes the game mean more to them, those are always more enjoyable to add the storylines and make the night more electric on its own."

Jerry Reynolds: "Let's put it this way, [every game is] important. Each individual player may have a team that is a little more of a highlight for them and whether [Rajon] Rondo wants to play especially well against Dallas or Boston or if Jason Thompson wants to play well against the Kings, I think that's always going to be there with every team. But at the end of the day, you just have to focus winning on every game that you can."

On the team's game in Mexico City:
Jason Ross: "I'll miss a home game opportunity and actually seeing [the Kings] in person, but them on TV for that game will be cool and seeing what it does for globalizing the game more and in specific markets I think is always cool. So I think it's an opportunity to showcase the game and we know that it's growing that way, so it just makes more sense to do this."

Jerry Reynolds: "That's one of those things that I'll probably have to answer for you afterwards. It's the same for both teams and that has to be mentioned. So it's fair and the Kings probably travel less distance, as far as I know, but the reality is that both teams have to deal with the same situation."

On the final season in Sleep Train Arena:
Jason Ross: "I'll be super excited for the home opener, but I'm going to have every possible emotion on April 9th, because I loved ARCO [Arena]/Power Balance [Pavillion]/Sleep Train Arena, I've just loved it. I know there are times where I'll be ready for the new building, but I have said since we knew the new building was coming my one goal was to have one more playoff opportunity at Sleep Train [Arena]. That building deserves it. That fan base deserves it."

Jerry Reynolds: "It is bittersweet, because I'm certainly looking forward to the new arena and all it brings, not just to the Kings, but to downtown and all the above. But you know there's been some great memories in Sleep Train Arena, formerly ARCO [Arena] with the great teams of [Chris] Webber and [Vlade] Divac and [Mike] Bibby and J-Will and Peja [Stojakovic] and all those guys. So you got to feel a little sad because it served its purpose, it served it extremely well for a lot of years, but it's time to go. Certainly, the optimism going forward will be there, but I'm hoping the last game in this arena will be during the playoffs, let's just shoot for that."

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