The Intersection of Pride and the Black Lives Matter Movements

The Kings hosted a digital forum in which team members continued discussion of relevant topics in the world and workplace.
by Tracee Jay
Social Media Producer

The Sacramento Kings organization has shown continuously that they are ready to put in the work to produce real meaningful change — in and out of the workplace.  

This was no different when they facilitated a team member forum for PRIDE month that intersected the LGBTQ+ community and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

 Joining the forum were the founders of Activism Articulated, Jasper James and Darcy Totten. Both are Black women who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community and active in creating change in each respective space.

Hosted by Kings team member and Special Events Sales Director, Karl Krudup,  the group dove in quickly on issues plaguing both movements.  

From Black LGBTQ+ youth, Black Trans Lives, and the intersectionality of being Black and Gay, the topics were informative and poignant. 

“I didn’t think I would live past thirty,” said Darcy Totten. “I didn’t think gay people got to do that. The only gay people I ever heard of were being violently murdered in the news.”

Jasper James shared their sentiment and continued with, “people who are queer, people who are trans, people who are black…you have these overlapping intersectional oppressions and the ability to not feel safe is ever present.” 

Having these type of conversations are tough, but help push inclusiveness not only in the workplace, but in the community as well.

Before wrapping up the session, team members had the opportunity to comment and ask questions. 

Sacramento Kings President, John Rinehart, remarked on how thankful he, and the organization are to hear from and listen about the issues and obstacles facing both communities, locally and nationally. 

A question was then asked about how are they able to further help these communities, and where they could donate their time and money.

James and Totten suggested doing research on organizaitons that are putting in great work towards both communities. A simple retweet could reach masses that can learn about causes around the nation. 

As an organization, the Kings will continue to have the conversations and take actions for change, and opportunity for education, not only in the Black community, but the LGBTQ+ community as well.

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