Help Create New Kings Court

In the organization’s continued commitment to sustainability, the Kings are looking for fans to help create a fundamental feature of Golden 1 Center’s home court advantage.

A key piece in making the portable court for the in-arena game surface is a special foam underneath the base layer of wood.

That foam is essential in creating a cushioned environment for players and greater distribution of weight.

To help create it, the team is asking fans to donate their used basketball shoes, which will in turn be utilized in the foam’s manufacturing.


  1. AT SLEEP TRAIN ARENA: Bring shoes to the Kings-Pelicans game on Jan. 13 and drop them off at the main Sleep Train Arena entrance. We encourage fans to write a special message on the shoes prior to donation.
  2. TWEET LOCATION: Tweet @SacramentoKings or @Kings_Community why your shoes should be included in the making of the new Kings court. Then, if your tweet is selected, the Kings RV will come to your house on Jan. 13 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. PST to collect your sneakers.

So if you have some kicks that’ve gone unused, or are just looking for an excuse to purchase new sneakers, put your stamp on the team’s future downtown home by donating your shoes!

*Editors Note:
This is a unique opportunity for fans to be a part of an important element of the new arena, so we kindly ask fans not to donate any Kobe’s. ;)