Harry Giles is ‘on a mission’ to Prove Himself

Though he is entering his second NBA season, Harry Giles has not played in an official basketball game since Duke was eliminated in the NCAA Tournament in March of 2017.

After patiently sitting, waiting and working throughout his entire first season in the Association, all of the hard work that Giles put in last year is on the cusp of coming to fruition. No. 20 will be suiting up on Sacramento’s roster for the upcoming California Classic, as well as the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, and he will see live game action for the first time since being selected by Sactown last summer.

“You just have to be patient, take your time, and let things fall into place,” said Giles following the second day of the Kings Mini-Camp leading up to the Classic. “I’m trying to go out there and get a rhythm and find a pace to play with. I think everything else will take care of itself.”

After precise and considerable amounts of training and conditioning to prepare his body, Giles will have a chance to show the rest of the League what made him one of the top high school recruits coming into his college career. The Kings forward knows that the expectations are high, but he’s not shying away from them.

“I can’t take too long of a break. I don’t have time to rest,” Giles said. “I still have a lot to prove. I’m on a mission. I got a job ahead of me.”

Sactown’s faithful have been eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of the Duke product in action since his arrival last June and they will get the first up close look at him next week as the California Classic tips-off at Golden 1 Center.

Several months ago, Harry stated that he "knows [his] time is coming." But on Saturday morning with sweat still dripping down his brow from practice, Giles offered an updated and determined alteration to that sentiment.

“My time is now and I have to go and attack it.”