Harry Giles Impresses in Vegas Debut

The Harry Giles Summer Tour hit Las Vegas on Saturday night, and the former Blue Devils big man impressed a national audience on both ends of the floor.

Beginning in the opening minutes against the Phoenix Suns, Giles showed his defensive prowess by stealing an alley-cop attempt and soaring for a block against Dragan Bender.

Was it Giles’ best game of the summer?

“In a way I feel yes, because I’m starting to put more stuff together,” Giles said. “I’m starting to show more parts of my game. More and more each game that you might not’ve seen in my the few games that I played…If I get it going on the defensive end I’m always going to have a good game.”

Throughout the game, Giles once again displayed the fluidity and intensity that made him such a highly touted prospect coming out of high school. His offensive skill-set, vision and awareness on the defensive end has the second-year big man impressing many throughout league circles.

“I’m getting my groove back,” said Giles after the team’s 71-63 loss to the Phoenix Suns. “Just being patient once again, I felt myself rushed again in the first half. Another big game. It’s Vegas. First game. [Marvin] vs. Deandre. I felt the intensity coming off that matchup and wanted to get in the mix too. Don’t forget about me.”

The way he’s played this summer, nobody will forget about Harry Giles ever again.