Haliburton 'Playing Beyond His Years' as Rookie

The former Iowa State Cyclone is impressing through his first three games of action.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

“My whole life, I’ve just wanted to be the best version of myself and obviously, as a kid, I’ve always wanted to be the best player in the world," said Tyrese Haliburton following Sunday's loss to Phoenix.

"And those are obviously my aspirations. To do that, I can’t come out here and be timid or nervous.”

The rookie has looked far from nervous during his first stint of games, operating with a collective calm and poise mot often seen from first-year players.

“He understands the game really well,” said De’Aaron Fox. “He plays beyond his years and that’s a helpful thing for himself and the team.”

Haliburton is averaging 9.7 points and 5.0 assists on 50 percent shooting in 27.7 minutes of action.

In Sunday's contest, Haliburton finished with a career-high 15 points and six assists with five threes in 27 minutes.

“I obviously have a lot of areas to improve on,” said the rookie.

“I’m just trying to get better every day. I feel like I’ve gotten better since the games went on, going back to preseason.”

Defensively, Haliburton has a presence as well, with the team locking down on that end with him in the game.

No. 0 can be seen on the floor again Tuesday in another tilt with the Denver Nuggets.

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