Greta Gerwig: Oscar-Nominated and #SacramentoProud

One of Hollywood’s top directors opened up about her Sactown roots.
by DJ Ramirez
Digital Communications Coordinator

Sacramento native and recently Oscar-nominated film director Greta Gerwig recently shared her pride for her hometown and love for the Kings on an episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast.

The Lady Bird director has put Sacramento in the spotlight in the film industry as of late with the city serving as the setting for the film - with many local landmarks featured. When asked about her hometown’s team, Gerwig recalled the vibes around the city during the 2002 NBA Playoffs.

“Everybody put [the Kings emblem] up in their window. Everyone was wearing purple every day,” said Gerwig. “That was my senior year of high school and it was a heartbreaker.”

Gerwig also touched on her optimism for the franchise.

“The Kings have a new arena now. I think they’re going to turn it around,” said the St. Francis alumni. “I think the Kings are going to surprise everyone.”

Greta is in the running for Best Director for her film Lady Bird, becoming just the fifth female director to be nominated for the award. Her movie garnered five total nominations for the upcoming Acadamey Awards and the Sacramento community made sure to show its appreciation in big fashion.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.

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