Gita Kapahi Gives New Meaning to Being 'Sacramento Proud'

The Season Ticket Member was welcomed with a few surprises as a result of her incredible trip to Mumbai.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

It's been an October to remember for Gita Kapahi.

A Sacramento resident of over 30 years previously living in Vancouver, Canada, Kapahi completed an incredible month of basketball, travel and dedication to Sacramento this past weekend.

"The reward outweighs the cost," said the Season Ticket Member, who immediately purchased an airplane ticket after the NBA India Games were announced.

"I need to be part of history," Kapahi continued. "I bought a plane ticket not even knowing if I find a ticket to the game, but I was willing to take that chance."

Kapahi was born in India before moving to London and then Canada at a young age.

"My roots and my heart is in India. I have family there. I have an auntie in had been about 15 years since I had last been to India."

Not only did Kapahi make the trip to Mumbai to watch her Kings, she wasn't alone in wanting to show how Sacramento proud she truly was.

"I sat at my cousin's kitchen table and wrote out a sign," explained Gita.

"Before I even went for India...I filled a suitcase with cards with Authentic Fan written on them, some with players' faces.

"Outside the game, I went out there, on the plaza, I handed them out to fans in India. I explained who I was, and why I was there."

"It was just fun to spread that Kings love and I felt like I was that fan who was privileged to buy tickets, fly to India and watch a game. I was representing all 17,000 people that would've been in the arena and all Kings fans back home."

For her dedication, Chairman Vivek Ranadive invited Kapahi to sit with him courtside for the home opener against the Portland Trail Blazers.

"I was honored and humbled that my little trip turned out to be a huge story and to see that he invited me was was beyond my wildest dreams," Kapahi admitted.

"Of course I said yes!"

"I was honored to have that amazing opportunity. It was once in a lifetime and beyond my wildest dreams."

In addition to her experience in Mumbai and after she returned, Kapahi described an experience with her favorite Kings player, Marvin Bagley III, before her trip even began.

After visiting the Kings Team Store just days before her flight, Kapahi met Bagley as she was shopping and asked if she could get an autograph on her new No. 35 jersey.

"I'm going to India," Gita said to MBIII after he graciously signed her new threads. "I'm representing all the fans."

Later, as the NBA India Games were about to get underway against the Indiana Pacers, Bagley recognized the familiar face.

"My seats were close enough and he actually nodded to me. He recognized me and saw that I was wearing his jersey in Mumbai. That was a special moment."

We agree, Gita!

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