Garnett Names Webber as Major Influence

NBA legend Kevin Garnett tabbed a former rival as a key contributor to his on-court success.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

For several seasons, the Sacramento Kings and Minnesota Timberwolves engaged in heated battles, many of which were centered around two of the best big men in the game in Chris Webber and Kevin Garnett.

Though they were fierce competitors on the hardwood, KG recently stated that Webber was one of his major influences as a basketball player. In a sneak peek video for NBA 2K, Garnett was revealed to be one of the guest commentators in the latest installment of the video game.

In the footage, KG is asked about his earliest influences, to which he responded with a list of players he looked up to.

“Magic Johnson, obviously Michael Jordan, and then Chris Webber,” said Garnett. “When I first met Webb, I was a little bit star struck. Him and Michael Jordan, and Shaq, a little bit.”

The full video as well as one of the first glimpes of NBA 2K18 gameplay can be viewed below.

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