Fox Ranked Amongst League's Best by Complex

Entering his third season, No. 5 is moving up league ranks as a rising star in the league.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

"Fox is next up," writes Complex.

"He's going to be a problem in this league and it could happen as early as this season."

Complex listed the Top 50 NBA players coming into this season, with Fox finishing at No. 38.

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"The Kings think they're ready to take that next step and become a playoff team," Complex continued. "They'll need Fox to take that next step and become an All-Star point guard."

Topping the list was Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James.

"He's too fast, too athletic. Mix that in with shooting and his playmaking ability, and he's going to be unfair."

Swipa finishes above the likes of Kevin Love, Al Horford and Jayson Tatum, amongst others.

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