Fox, MBIII Test How Well They Know Each Other

The dynamic Sacramento duo joined UNINTERRUPTED’s series for a wide-ranging discussion about…themselves.
by Allison Ward
Digital Intern

In a playful interview on The Sixth Sense, Marvin Bagley III and De’Aaron Fox were conducting a different style of interview, this one, quizzing one another to see who knew who best.

Some of the questions left little doubt in the other’s mind, such as where MBIII likes to be in his free time or what he can’t leave without when he goes on the road with the squad.

But other questions left the guys stumped in their seats - De’Aaron uncovered new things he never knew about Marvin, such as his fear of natural disasters.

And Bagley was impressed when he discovered that Swipa is a Beethoven fan.

What kind of super power would No. 5 have if he could choose? What is the rook’s favorite dance move?

Watch the full interview above to find out more!

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