Fox Goes No-Look on 3-Pointer Celebration

De'Aaron Fox may have channeled a future opponent during a 3-pointer celebration.
by Jason Wise
Director, Digital

In the third quarter of the team's second preseason matchup against the San Antonio Spurs, the Kings rookie point guard showed a little of the swagger that helped lead him to become a lottery selection in this summer's NBA Draft.

De'Aaron Fox has impressed so far in the preseason, averaging 14 points and four assists while going 12-of-19 from the field.

The hot shooting start by Fox was not lost on No. 5, as he released his first three-point try of the preseason, turning to look the Spurs bench as the ball was in flight - ultimately hitting nothing but net.

We've seen something similar from an opponent to the West, as former League MVP Stephen Curry has made a habit of celebrating his shooting confidence multiple times.

Watch the complete clip of Fox's three-pointer below.

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