Fox Goes GQ at the Gym

The Kings rookie shares that there’s a new wave in workout fashion.
by DJ Ramirez
Digital Communications Coordinator

Are your gym clothes too gym-y? Still calling your gear athleisure? GQ says to take note from De’Aaron Fox on how to look good at the gym in 2018.

"Back in his college days at Kentucky, he often played in tights under his shorts" writes Nick Marino in the latest GQ. "Snug gear actually helps you move—and might help kill off the baggy look that's been popular since the Fab Five were freshmen."

But most importantly, when heading to the gym, GQ thinks you should take your cues from the Kings high-flying rookie guard.

If there's any staple statement Fox is known for, it's his hair.

"Cruising down I-5 in his matte black Tesla—his phone resting in his lap and his GPS chattering in the background—unflappable 20-year-old Sacramento rookie De'Aaron Fox is talking about his hair as if he's chilling in the barber's chair. “It's the first thing people look at," he says. "And I look good with it. I haven't cut it since my junior year of high school."

Read the full article of Fox's signature stellar style when getting his sweat on here.

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