Fox Continues to Have His Sights Set on Sacramento

The third-year guard shows nothing but love to the city of Sactown.
by Tracee Jay
Social Media Producer

"Everyone in Sacramento is a Kings fan."

De’Aaron Fox is fine right where he is.

Swipa spoke to ONE37PM about a multitude of topics, but one that stood out was his love for being in California’s capitol.

“I don’t crave to be in a big market,” Fox said. “If we start making the playoffs, or if we become a championship contender, the entire city is going to go nuts. That’s the difference between a big market and a small one.”

Finishing in third place in last season’s Most Improved Player voting, No. 5 is ready to build upon last year’s success and take his game and interests to another level.

The Kentucky product isn’t just a savant on the hardwood, but also on the controller as well.

Fox knows he doesn’t have to be in a big market to get the audience he desires. Swipa has his own YouTube channel where he streams video games and launched his own show, “Foxin’ Around”.

“It’s an audience I’ve never reached before,” Fox says. “I definitely see myself getting a lot more into gaming in the near future.”


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