Fox, Bibby Detail Their Love for Kicks

As the sneaker industry continues to grow, NBA legends and current players voice their love for footwear.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

The sneaker industry couldn't be on a higher trajectory.

In addition to high-profile collaborations, signature lines and the ever-growing love for personal style, the NBA itself instituted a rule lifting the restriction on colors for this season.

As a result, players more than ever are encouraged to be creative and show their personality through what they rock on the hardwood.

In an article on HoopsHype, NBA legends and current players — including Mike Bibby and De'Aaron Fox — discuss their love for footwear, favorite kicks and more.

"I've always loved shoes," said Bibby. "But I didn't start collecting them until I was in the NBA.

"To be one of the first six athletes to start the Jordan Brand, it's just an amazing feeling. I know a lot of kids want Jordans and the brand is really popular, so it's special."

While Swipa loves his kicks, he doesn't feel the need to spend a lot for on-feet fashion.

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"The most I've spent on a pair of shoes is about $300 - maybe a little over $300," Fox admitted. "I'm not one of those people who is out here spending a rack on a pair of shoes."

What are the rarest kicks they own?

"Retro 9s with my number on the back and they were patent-leather," said the former Kings point guard. "They only sent me one pair and I've never seen anyone else have those."

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"I'd probably say my 'Just Don' Jordan 2s; I haven't really seen a lot of people who have them," De'Aaron explained.

You can read more on the players' love for kicks on HoopsHype.

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