Fox and Shump Engage in Bad Joke Showdown

The Kings teammates tried their best to draw laughs from each other with hilarious results.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

Seeing De’Aaron Fox and Iman Shumpert go to work on the hardwood is no laughing matter. However, both players recently took a timeout to engage in some lighthearted competition.

The duo took turns telling each other bad jokes in a video for Whistle Sports, with each of them doing their best not to break out in laughter.

The stakes were pretty high for the contest, as the loser would be forced unlock their Twitter account for the winner, giving him free reign to tweet out whatever he pleased.

Swipa ended up giving in to the giggles more, allowing Shump to send out this tweet:

Given De’Aaron’s previous experience with bad jokes, it was apparent that this competition would be extra challenging for him.

While Fox and Shumpert continue to bond over laughs, Sactown’s squad will look to continue making serious waves in 2019.

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