Fans Show-Out in #BuddyBucketsChallenge Videos

Fans from around the country are showing their support for Buddy Hield while sharing their own #BuddyBucketsChallenge on social media.
by DJ Ramirez
Digital Communications Coordinator

Buckets on buckets on buckets. Have you shared your #BuddyBucketsChallenge video?

Last week, the Kings asked the world to share how they get buckets, whether it’s in the office, at the grocery store, or on the hardwood to help recently announced NBA All-Star Rising Star, Buddy Hield earn a spot in the Three-Point Contest on Saturday Night at All-Star Weekend.

This season, No. 24 is connecting from long range at a 43.8 percent clip, being listed on Bleacher Report as a possible selection for the yearly contest. Through the #BuddyBucketsChallenge, fans and teammates alike have shown that they believe Buddy deserves a spot in this year’s shootout.

The former Oklahoma Sooner’s shot from deep sure is impressive, but those partaking in the challenge have shown that range can be displayed in many fashions!

Here’s a few of our favorites –

This no-look, done-with-my-apple shot

Buckets to the basket (literally)

Sooners showin’ love

Buckets from the Bahamas

#buddybucketschallenge #242

A post shared by Da Frogiest (@frog_dog) on

And many more!

Get in on the #BuddyBucketsChallenge and help us send the reggae jammin’, long-range shooting, Buddy Hield to the Three-Point Contest at NBA All-Star Weekend.

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