#DoGood for First-Ever Local Sensory-Friendly Dance Performance

Join the Kings in assisting those in need by purchasing tickets to an upcoming special performance by the Capital Dance Project.

The Sacramento Kings are looking to Kings fans to help #DoGood and support Capital Dance Project on their first-ever Sensory-Friendly Dance Performance on August 25.

As part of an outreach effort designed specifically for individuals with autism and other sensory-related disabilities, this Dance Performance provides an opportunity for a fun night out in an environment with sensitive lighting accommodations, reduced volume levels, and the creation of a “safe space” for kids and families to use if they need to.

How you can help: Visit Kings.com/CapitalDance to purchase tickets that will be donated to families with sensory-related disabilities— who do not attend performances due to cost and other circumstances—so that they may be able to enjoy a night out.

Capital Dance Project get ready for sensory-friendly performance

Capital Dance Project is rehearsing for a groundbreaking performance, where children are encouraged to stand up, talk and dance.


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