Defense on the Mind for Kings in Return to Practice

Sacramento went back to work at home following the NBA India Games.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

After a memorable trip to India, the squad got back up and running in their own domain as the Kings returned to practice on Tuesday.

Sacramento is coming off of two tough losses to the Indiana Pacers in Mumbai but has a chance to get back on track in the final stretch of preseason contests.

One of the main focuses stemming from the first two matchups was the team’s defensive performance.

“It’s something that as a group we need to get much better at,” said head coach Luke Walton. “It’s about continuing to put in work and getting reps in our coverages. The guys want to be a good defensive team and it will happen - it just takes time.”

Marvin Bagley III also weighed in on Sactown’s desire to improve defensively.

“We can score easily with this team we have. Offense shouldn’t be a problem,” said the second-year big man. “On the defensive end and stopping other teams from scoring - I think once we get to a point where we can do that consistently every game - we’ll get to where we want to be.”

“We know we have to work on defense. Both of those games we let them score way too many points, too many fouls, too many straight line drives, and open threes,” added De’Aaron Fox. “We have the foundation of it and now it’s just getting better at it.”

The Kings won’t have to wait too long to try and pick up their first preseason win with the Phoenix Suns coming to town on Thursday night. This also provides an early glimpse at the same team that Sacramento will open the regular season against later this month on October 23.

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