De’Aaron’s Mother Shares Her Inspiring Story

In a new episode of Kings Central, Fox discussed one family member's road to overcoming breast cancer.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

Eighteen years ago, Lorraine Harris-Fox was told she had breast cancer. Despite receiving a heartbreaking diagnosis, she chose to fight and dedicate her time to helping others in their own battles.

In the latest installment of Kings Central on NBC Sports California, Lorraine and De’Aaron came on the show to recount her treatment and the inspiring aftermath.

Just like her son sets up teammates on the hardwood, Lorraine has been hard at work to assist others since her recovery.

She started the Fox Whole Family Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed to support others diagnosed with breast cancer.

From the very moment he entered the NBA, No. 5 began using his platform to spread awareness for health issues as well.

When his name was called on Draft Day in 2017, Swipa took the stage and opened his suit jacket to reveal an array of pink ribbons in the lining - a touching tribute for his mother and many more who have been affected by breast cancer.

“I feel like it was a small gesture but it went a long way,” said Fox. “I feel like it didn’t just touch my mom. A lot of people would DM me or tweet me with how grateful they were that I was a supporter.”

Sactown’s floor general is also donating $100 for each assist he records during home games to Kaiser Permanente to help fund screenings and mammograms for the Sacramento community.

“You’re not doing it so you can get any recognition,” said Lorraine about her family’s effort to give back. “You’re doing it because people legitimately need help.”

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