Cousins Earns Praise From USA Teammates

After an early morning hot yoga session and a two-hour practice alongside some of the biggest names in basketball, DeMarcus Cousins’ work isn’t over. The Kings All-Star joins fellow Olympic team members Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony after practices for various offensive skill drills. The group spends nearly half an hour attempting a variety of shots with crossovers and step-back moves implemented throughout, yet the 6-foot-11 center doesn’t miss a beat.

The fluidity of No. 12’s movement has led to the overwhelming assessment that Boogie is the game’s best big man, as his array of post moves, dribbling ability and extended range allowed him to average a career-high 26-plus points per game this past season. The abilities come as no surprise to his National Team though, especially 2012 Olympic gold medal winner Kevin Durant.

“He’s in a great environment – you can tell that he’s soaking up all of the information and knowledge,” said Durant. “He’s loving the experience.”

Cousins is often seen picking the mind of USA Basketball assistant coach Tom Thibodeau following a defensive set or huddling with scrimmage teammates to dissect a play. When it’s time to play, he’s vocalizing the direction of an opposing screen, directing teammates through the lane or cleaning up the offensive glass.

“I know my role on this team, so I try to go out there and be the best player I can be at this position and in this role.”

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony praised Cousins’ play style and mentality following the team’s third day of training camp as well.

“As long as he keeps that chip he has on his shoulder and his mindset, I think he’ll be the best big man.”

The team’s final day of camp will take place tomorrow at the Mendenhall Center in Las Vegas before facing Argentina on Friday evening.