Coach Joerger Talks Team’s Future with Deuce and Mo

The Kings head coach reveals his approach to building the squad on a recent podcast.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

After wrapping up his first season in Sacramento, head coach Dave Joerger’s recently hopped on the airwaves to discuss an array of team-related topics with Deuce Mason and Morgan Ragan of the Deuce and Mo Podcast.

Early in the discussion, Coach Joerger shared his impressions on the sense of community in Sacramento.
“I think everybody thinks about the games, the spirit that’s at the games and the love of the team and I think that’s awesome,” said Joerger. “But it goes way deeper than that in the community. It’s really cool.”

Joerger continued by going into detail about his relationships with the roster and staff, explaining that the day-to-day chemistry is often out of the lens of the public.

“It’s dinner on the road. It’s the conversations here and there. It’s having a real pulse on what’s going on in a guy’s personal life,” Joerger said. “People want to be cared about, not just used as a player. So, you really have to show them that you care about them as a person.”

Joerger also touched on creating a team dynamic amongst his players.

“There’s no magic wand. It’s built on relationships,” Joerger said. “You have to help them build relationships with each other so that they play for each other.”
Although the offseason is in full swing, the team’s head coach still hasn’t taken his mind off basketball.

“You’re always analyzing what’s the best way to give these guys a chance to be successful. Throughout the course of the year you try to get away but it doesn’t escape you,” said Joerger. “I was sitting out there on the farm up in Minnesota on a tractor pulling trees around on a chain, clearing brush, and I’m thinking about how I can get Buddy Hield a better shot.”

As he was wrapping up his interview with Deuce and Mo, Coach shared a quote from a coaching colleague that he felt applied strongly to his efforts in Sacramento.

“[This coach] told me ‘Coach, you’re going to love coaching young teams. They’re going to go out and they’re going to make mistakes, but you get to teach every day and they’re going to play hard’,” said Joerger. “And I think that’s what our fans appreciate.”

To listen to the full interview on the Deuce and Mo Podcast, click here.

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