Christie Shares ‘Infinite’ Draft Hopes

See what the former Kings guard had to say about the Kings position following the NBA Draft Lottery.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

After the ping pong balls had settled in New York for the NBA Draft Lottery, the Kings were awarded the No. 8 overall pick in the upcoming 2016 NBA Draft.

Upon hearing the news, former Kings guard Doug Christie, who was selected with the 17th overall pick during the 1992 NBA Draft, took to Twitter to weigh in on Sacramento’s selection slot.

“When I say infinite, I’m just hoping for the best talent,” said Christie to following the Lottery. “When you’re drafting, in my opinion, at [the 8th overall spot], you’ve got to take the best [player available] – that infinite talent, whoever that might be.”

Doug is quite the admirer of the infinity symbol himself, sporting a tattoo of it on his left wrist. No. 13 would often put his ink on display during his signature celebration on the court.

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