Carter, Randolph and Hill Beginning Mentorship Early

The trio of veterans were seen on the sidelines Monday night supporting the young future of the Kings.
by Shahbaz Khan
Managing Editor, Digital

It’s been widely reported, but continues to be impressive each time it’s shared; Harry Giles was just two months old by the time Vince Carter was drafted.

Now, 19 years later, Carter, alongside veterans Zach Randolph and George Hill will be integral to the youth movement that Sacramento has embraced.

Already through Summer League, Vince had joined the team on the sidelines in hopes to provide insight and mentorship to the squad.

“We’re trying to change the culture here, a winning culture and winning ways,” said Carter during Sunday’s matchup. “Maybe we don’t win games all the time, but our mentality is going to be that way with Zach who’s been around…George who’s played for a long time…it’s the approach we have to learn and after that, everything falls into place.”

The trio have been regarded as fan favorites and team leaders in their previous stops, with Hill already having ideas set for one of the young Kings he plans to work with closely.

“That winning mentality has to come – it’s not a matter of how many minutes I play or how many minutes [Fox] plays,” shared Hill. “It’s about what puts us in the best position.”

And when media inquired about what drew the talented vets to Sacramento, the group shared their excitement for the opportunity that presents itself.

“A chance to come in and lead and be a mentor and teach this young guys how to win…doing what we’re supposed to do,” said Randolph.

“For me, I kind of like the underdog mentality,” concluded Hill. “I like the times where people try to write you off…I like that challenge and that’s what gets the best out of us veterans and that’s what we’ll try to instill into the young guys.”

That veteran leadership spread between three notable names is expected to pay dividends for the team’s future, with all eyes being on Sactown for the journey.

The trio’s not wasting any time – beginning the journey on day one as Kings at Las Vegas Summer League.

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