Buddy Sheds Light on Plans for India Trip

No. 24 is already prepping his planner for Sactown’s international expedition.
by Allison Ward
Digital Intern

“It’s the culture.”

That’s what intrigues Buddy Hield the most about the nation of India. 

In light of Sacramento’s upcoming trip to India in October, Buddy talked to the Deccan Chronicle about planning some side adventures beyond the squad’s preseason matchup with the Indiana Pacers.

Thanks to his television habits, the Kings guard has garnered a lot of interest in Indian culture and specifically the temples.

“I watch a lot of National Geographic channel,” he laughs before adding, “I got to see some temples, there are a lot of them that fascinate me.” He mentions one in particular that caught his eye - ‘The Golden Temple’ also known as Darbar Sahib.

“I also learned that the population is big and there are also many languages in the cities throughout India,” explained Hield. “I want to see the people and the way of life there… and try their curries,” he noted.

Buddy Buckets also feels a connection to India’s sports culture, specifically cricket.

“The game is big in the Bahamas too,” said the Freeport native.

In regards to the game and what we can expect, Buddy said, “We will come and give our best by showcasing our talent... I just want to have some fun, soak in the excitement and inspire the kids out there to become NBA players in the future.”

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