Buddy & Bogi Share All-Star TIDAL Playlists

Rising stars Bogdan Bogdanovic and Buddy Hield were in LA this past weekend to participate in the festivities of All-Star weekend. They shook up the scene on Friday night combining for 55 points to lead the World to a 155-124 win over Team USA.

If you want to step your game up and drop buckets like this Sacramento duo, you need to add these must have TIDAL playlists to your pregame routine.

Rooted deeply in his Jamaican upbringings, Buddy’s playlist is compiled of reggae and hip-hop tracks that will surely keep your vibe upbeat and grooving. On the other hand, Bogi has arranged a list of hip-hop tracks that will certainly get you amped and game ready. Plus, the Serbian sharpshooter even makes an appearance in Deejay PLAYA’s music video “PLAN B,” the second song on the playlist.

If you are looking for some new hits to get you through the rest of this week, click the below links to follow these exclusive playlists.