Brewer Doing Whatever It Takes to Shift Kings Culture

In his 12th season in the Association, not much surprises Corey Brewer anymore.

But, now on his eighth NBA team, No. 33 says he has yet to encounter a squad quite like this Kings team.

“Once I got here, I could see that it was going to be something special. I’ve been on a lot of teams, but it’s all good guys on this team so [adapting has] been easy,” said Brewer. “They’ve welcomed me with open arms.”

After first joining Sactown on a pair of 10-day contracts last month, the Florida product decided to sign a deal for the remainder of the season to keep him in the purple and black.

Though there was reported interest from other squads, Corey chose to stay put with the Kings, explaining that he felt he could “bring something to the table and help these guys get to the next level.”

The 33-year-old has quickly won over the Sacramento faithful with his hard-nosed style of play that often goes unnoticed in the box score.

Brewer has created a reputation for being a relentless, pesky defender and having a high motor that keeps him moving nonstop when he’s on the hardwood.

“It’s all about winning,” said the Kings swingman. “So if I can go out there and take a charge or dive on the floor, I’m going to do it.”

Even when he’s been on the sidelines, CB has actively sought out ways to bring his leadership to this young team.

“I can talk to all of the guys,” said Corey. “If I see something in the game, I tell them ‘you should look at this’ or ‘you could do that’.”

As the team continues to make a push for the playoffs in a season that has surprised many, No. 33 noted that this year has been a big step for Sacramento’s culture and reputation.

“The perception is changing,” said Brewer. “It used to be going against Sacramento was almost an automatic win. Now teams don’t want to play us. You’re going to have to play your best game to beat us.”

The positive shift in how the team is viewed is encouraging but not satisfying enough for the Kings. They are still fighting for a chance at the postseason down the stretch of the 2018-19 campaign.

Though the path ahead to a playoff berth may seem daunting, having a player of Corey Brewer’s caliber will prove to be all-the-more crucial.

Nonetheless, he reiterated just how confident he is that the best is yet to come in Sactown.

“The way that these guys are playing, the future is really bright here.”