Bogi Talks Sophomore Campaign, Offseason Goals in Interview

The 26-year-old spoke to the European outlet for a wide-ranging discussion following his second year.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

Bogdan Bogdanovic is entering his third season in the Association, a veteran at multiple levels of basketball.

After years of playing for Partizan and Fenerbahce, No. 8 entered the NBA with hopes of having similar success.

Bogi started 53 games his rookie season, and after juggling offseason surgery and new teammates this past year, started 17 games.

The Serbian sharpshooter finished last season with averages of 14.1 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists in 27.8 minutes.

While Bogi started less games than his rookie campaign, he finished with career highs in made field goals, field goal attempts, free throw attempts, rebounds, assists, steals and points.

(All quotes have been translated and edited for clarity)

"I was not completely satisfied," Bogdanovic explained. "I always thought I could do better and think I still do not know my maximum.

"I played from one to four even at times," he continued. "Perhaps this has slightly affected the adaptation and the game, but I think I have shown myself adequately."

Bogdan also went on to explain the difference between the NBA and European game after participating in both.

"The basic differences are in the quality of players and rules," No. 8 said. "In Europe there is a strict and strict basketball, while in the NBA is more leaner and there is not much obstruction of the game rules, it is played faster."

With his third season looming, Bogdanovic was asked about the training he'd be doing this summer, whether on the hardwood or not.

"For now, it's easy - twice a day for 45 minutes to an hour of gym and as much basketball, six days a week and a day off. Then in June, I plan to concentrate on three segments - dribbling, speed, finishing."

You can watch No. 8 back in action when the Kings begin their 2019-20 campaign during the preseason.

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