Barnes and Brewer Go Road Trippin’ with UNINTERRUPTED

Hosted by De’Aaron Fox and Doug Christie, the crew chopped it up to talk about next season, playoff basketball and more.
by Tracee Jay
Social Media Producer

Harrison Barnes and Corey Brewer have settled in quite nicely to Sactown.

In the fourth episode of the podcast, Swipa and Kings legend, Doug Christie, are joined by the veterans for a wide-ranging discussion.

Who is harder to guard, Damian Lillard or Steph Curry?

No. 5 immediately went to Lillard while CB said Curry.

“I’ve been guarding Steph a lot the past five years. Steph is a tough guard – you have to guard him 24/7.”

Barnes then joins in on the conversation, discussing how he’s maintained his routine and professional demeanor throughout his career.

Learning from his old teammates in Steph Curry and Dirk Nowitzki, he sees the consistent work they put in to be a top-tier athlete, and adopts those same habits.

The vets hope those habits will end the Kings playoff drought next season.

“I have a few good years left, and why not spend it with guys like this, where I can help them reach their potential?” asked Brewer. “I hope I’m able to help these guys get to the next level.”

Be on the lookout for more episodes of Road Trippin’ with Swipa and Doug in the near future presented by UNITERRUPTED.

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