5 Things Scott Freshour Can’t Live Without

The Kings Emcee lists his 5 essentials.
by Tracee Jay
Social Media Producer

You know Kings Emcee, Scott Freshour, on the court, now get the know the man behind the mic, off of the court.

Here are five things Scott can't live without.

1. Family

"I have a beautiful wife, an awesome puppy, and two awesome sons who mean the world to me."

2. Jeep

"I love nature. I love being outside and any chance I can get outdoors, I'm doing it. So definitely my Jeep, so I get up into the Tahoe area and explore."

3. Meditation

"I need meditation to calm myself. Meditation has changed my life, and it's an important part of my daily routine."

4. Coffee

"I'm always tired. I have a lot of energy but sometimes it needs a little kick, and that's where the caffeine comes in."

5. Pillow

"I know that I'm a very outgoing and hyper individual, but I sleep like 10 hours a night. I love to sleep. It is my favorite thing, I could take a nap right now! I love sleeping, and with two young kids - I really need it."

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