March 25, 2019
Davis-native Hasan Minaj might not live in the area any longer, but his roots are still very strongly tied to the Sacramento Kings.
March 25, 2019
डेविस में पले-बढ़े हसन मिन्हाज भले ही अब इस इलाक़े में नहीं रहते, लेकिन सैक्रामेंटो किंग्स से उनके दिल के रिश्ते अब भी उतने ही मज़बूत हैं...
November 01, 2018
Over the past couple of years, Hasan Minhaj has embarked on a meteoric rise in his entertainment career. ...
July 15, 2018
Host the White House Correspondence Dinner. Check. Have your own Netflix special. Check. Letting Jerry Seinfeld know that you’re a...

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