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Michael Jordan MJ's Greatest Moments:
Michael goes out in style, sinking the Jazz with this game-winner in the 1998 NBA Finals.
VIDEO: '98 - The Final Shot: 28.8+ | ISDN+

25 game-winning shots from MJ's career

Forever Michael
By returning to the NBA with the Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan is adding another chapter to his storied legacy. But one thing remains certain: what MJ has already accomplished both on and off the court is nothing short of legendary. Recap his legacy of achievements with this article from the Official NBA Encyclopedia.
The Numbers: Jordan's Career Stats
Jan. 13, 1999: Jordan retirement transcript
Jordan's official statement

The Ultimate Jordan
Get ready for the release of Ultimate Jordan, a two-disc DVD compilation chronicling Jordan's career from college to the NBA Championships.
From His Airness; Michael walks away:   28.8+ | ISDN+

Halberstam on Jordan
Esteemed author David Halberstam talked about his book on Michael Jordan in an live chat on January 27, 1999.
Read an excerpt from Halberstam's book, Playing for Keeps
Excerpt from MJ's For the Love of the Game
Interview with Ahmad Rashad at '98 Finals

On Greatness
Basketball guru Hubie Brown analyzes how Michael's game evolved over the course of his extraordinary career.
David Stern's statement: "He graced our game."

'Here Comes Mr. Jordan'
Go back to January, 1985, when Hoop Magazine chronicled Jordan's transition from college to the big leagues at his first-ever NBA training camp.

Fan Forum Worldwide Jordan Let's Talk About Mike users around the world shared their favorite MJ memories.
Take a look at a sampling of media coverage on Jordan's retirement from around the world.
Read a sampling of quotes over the years about Jordan from Larry Bird to Grant Hill.

H O O P  M A G A Z I N E  A R C H I V E S
December, 1987: What Does He Do for an Encore?
Hoop looks back on Jordan's smashing 1986-87 season, when he averaged 37.1 points per game.

December, 1991: Phemonenon
The building of Jordan's amazing endorsement empire was examined in the December, 1991 issue of Hoop Magazine.

Fall, 1993: Three-peat!
Look back at the 1993 Finals, when Michael -- at the top of his game -- averaged 41 points per game.

February, 1996: Can Michael Rule Again?
Read about Michael's grueling summer of 1995, when he drove himself harder than ever to regain his status as basketball's preeminent player.

April, 1997: Jordan on Jordan
The man himself spoke out on future career choices, dunking and his cologne in the April, 1997 issue of Hoop Magazine.

June, 1998: Like No Other
A comprehensive look at how Michael Jordan's athletic genius transformed a basketball player into a global pop icon by which all greatness is measured.
More from Hoop

M O R E  F E A T U R E S
Michael and Me
Phil Jackson, who'll always be associated with MJ, reflects on his experiences coaching the ultimate franchise player.

The Road to the Top
Before he was defined by six NBA Championships, Jordan's individual brilliance didn't always translate to wins.'s Alex Sachare remembers the MJ of the '80s.

After Three Acts, Curtain Closes's Clare Martin says Jordan's career spanned three distinct chapters - young phenom; the dawn of a champion; the return of a legend.

NBA at 50 Interview
Jordan discusses everything from his unexpected attention as a rookie to overcoming the Detroit Pistons to his decision to leave and come back to the NBA in Part 1 and Part 2 of the 1996 NBA at 50 interview.

Thumbs Up for Jordan
Chicago Tribune movie critic and NBA fan Gene Siskel rated Jordan's performances at Madison Square Garden prior to the 1998 All-Star Game.