Utah Jazz Poll

POLL: JJ's Buzzer-Beater vs. Hoodie Shimmy

Finally, we've reached the Final round for our Play of The Year! Joe Johnson's game 1 Buzzer-Beater vs. Rodney Hood's game-winning Shimmy.

JJ's Buzzer-Beater

Game one of the NBA Playoffs is tied as Joe Johnson drives the ball down the lane and puts up a beautiful floater that falls in as time expires. The clutch play gave the Jazz a 1-0 lead on the LA Clippers on the road.

Hoodie Shimmy

With the game tied and time winding down, Rodney Hood pushed the ball up the floor and pulled up from behind the arc to drill a game-winning three pointer against the Dallas Mavericks. After draining the shot, Hood celebrated with a shimmy that went viral among Jazz Nation.