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POLL: G Over the Freak vs. Rudy No-Look Dish

Our fourth matchup of our "Play of the Year" bracket features a killer dunk by Gordon Hayward over "The Greek Freak" vs. a No-Look pass by Rudy Gobert to Derrick Favors.

Gordon Hayward over "The Greek Freak"

Gordon drives to the open lane as Giannis Antetokounmpo slides over in attempt to block Gordon's shot. But, Gordon takes it hard to the rack and throws down a powerful dunk through some questionable contact by the "Greek Freak".

Rudy's No-Look Dish

Rudy gets the pass in the lane and is met by a defender. Rudy sees a cutting Derrick Favors, so Rudy puts a spin move on his defender while dishing a no-look pass to Favors as he slams down a reverse dunk!

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