We Are With You by Graphic Designer Will Tuddenham

Currently located in Los Angeles, graphic designer Will Tuddenham is actually a Salt Lake City native and a lifelong Jazz fan. He remembers listening to Hot Rod Hundley’s call on the radio of his sister’s car as John Stockton’s famous shot sent the Utah Jazz to the NBA Finals.

From Stockton-to-Malone, Sundiata Gaines’ game-winner, and Donovan Mitchell’s breakout rookie year, Tuddenham has been there through it all and the NBA restart in Orlando has been no different.

“From the perspective of a spectator and fan of the sport, it’s been such a breath of fresh air during this time,” he said.

For the We Are With You campaign, Tuddenham was inspired by his memories of the home arena and the banners that fill the rafters with rich Jazz history.

“They are commemorative, unifying, and a symbol of loyalty,” said Tuddenham. “This project is born from the same concepts that the banners represent. This is how I envision signaling to both fans and players, that though we may be physically separated and mediated by a screen, we can proudly wave our unifying symbol and remain together.”

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